Welcome to No Bounds!

On September 1st, 2017, we transitioned from 2 The Max Training to No Bounds Training & Wellness Center.  Much of the activity which was already in process continued in place but we are moving toward more of a fitness/wellness co-op, with different (mostly non-competing….) fitness/wellness providers operating out of the Center and No Bounds continuing to offer both our own programming as well as serving as an incubator for folks who might be looking to strike out on their own, but might not quite be ready to take that leap.  If you are practicing somewhere in the wellness field and are starting out or perhaps want to expand into a great facility, get in touch.  We are deeply dedicated to the local community and would love to talk to you!

Choose from the providers HERE  (or click the programs link above) to start your journey!

Although the existing content on the web site is very “No Bounds” heavy, this will begin to balance out as we work to feature all our wonderful providers!

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