Our Thursday cardio blocks will be using a cardio kickboxing format going forward … some weeks will be cardio only with no striking, other weeks (you’ll always know in advance!) will feature striking.  On the weeks where we use the heavy bags (either or both of the upright or floor), you’ll want some protection for your hands others we’ll ask you to stop short of actually contacting the back.  The following 3 links take you to Amazon to purchase gloves.. the first is a closed glove, more like a boxing glove. Good protection but something limited hand mobility .. good for striking days, not so much for non striking days.  The second would be good on either striking or non striking days.  Another option for the non striking days is a weighted glove (you may have seen the Gold’s Gym pair I use ..). The 3rd link is for these .. I like to use the weighted gloves for non striking days and regular fingered glove for striking.   Note that if you search around a bit, you can find combo gloves that are fingered, padded and weighted .. these would cover all the bases!

Glove Links