Group Fitness at No Bounds Training & Wellness features a supportive community experience to help you get on track with healthy habits and then maintain them.  All boot camp sessions are just 30 minutes (yoga is longer!) and group-ex packages feature access to unlimited classes.  Family friendly, no explicit lyrics, and the sessions are fresh every day.  Nothing canned here, giving you the flexibility to work at your desired intensity level and modify the session to meet your current fitness level.  The best way to get to know us is to experience a couple sessions … Just let us know when you want to start !

Most weeks feature nearly 20+ classes to choose from.  Want to preview a class?  Just give us a shout and let us know when you want to join in or even just observe a class.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 5:15 | 6:00 | 9:30 am & 7:30 pm **

** On Wednesdays and Friday, An open block format replaces the class format for the boot camps Yoga replaces the 9:30 block

Wednesday & Fridays — Boot Camp Open Block “DOYO” 5-6:30

Saturday Morning @ 6:30 am

Yoga is offered at 9:30 am on Wednesdays and Fridays, plus an evening session at 7 pm on Wednesdays.

We also offer Qigong Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 6:30 am — this is a free add on and available to the general public.

If you want to do something soon and none of these work in your schedule, please get in touch and we’ll work something out!

Target Age: 9-90 (really!)

Workouts are new every day. They run from 12-22 minutes of workout sandwiched between a dynamic warmup and stretching based cooldown.  In and out in 30 minutes!

All levels of fitness are welcome, whether you are just getting into an active lifestyle or are a competitive athlete. The sessions are designed to scale to any level of fitness and the session leader has extensive experience modifying exercises to work around old injuries, current aches and pains. Maybe you’ve had a major medical trauma and your PT has run out. You CAN come back much farther!  Pregnant or Post Partum?  Coach Jim is the dad of 8 .. he’s obviously never had a baby, but this is an oh so familiar road and it is one best traveled taking great care of yourself — you CAN and in most cases actually should continue training during much of your pregnancy and we can help you come back to feeling great after your baby arrives  (you should, of course, talk to your doctor before beginning any new exercise regimen!)

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