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All inclusive family memberships!


30 Minute Boot Camps

Group Fitness at No Bounds Training & Wellness features a supportive community experience to help you get on track with healthy habits and then maintain them.  All boot camp sessions are just 30 minutes and group-ex packages feature access to unlimited classes.  Family friendly, no explicit lyrics, and the sessions are fresh every day.  Nothing canned here, giving you the flexibility to work at your desired intensity level and modify the session to meet your current fitness level.  We do these in 2 formats — Tuesdays and Thursdays as instructor-led 30-minute classes.  Mondays/Wednesdays/Friday as 90-minute open blocks.  Want to start a little earlier? Go a little longer? Go a little shorter?  With the open blocks, there is no set start time.  Trainer on hand but the workout is self-paced — still designed to fit within the 30-minute format though! The best way to get to know us is to experience a couple sessions … Just let us know when you want to start!


Two forms of Yoga are offered.  On Tuesday mornings, we feature an Ashtanga style series.  Wednesday nights are a somewhat gentler Vinyasa flow style.  Note that on Wednesday nights, we welcome in players from the North Shore United Soccer Club as part of our club sponsorship.

Coming, November 2017 … Barre!

Barre class focuses on the entire body using high repetitions and low weight or body weight.  It is all here in the class that fuses ballet, isometric movements, yoga, and pilates. Barre can change the shape of your body in a way typical workouts cannot.


For something in the neighborhood of 5000 years, the ancient art of Qigong has been practiced in China. One of the “healing arts”, Qigong is a component of Chinese Traditional Medicine.  This is a wellness model which contrasts rather sharply with Western medicine but is a wonderful complement to many Western practices and is gaining favor in the treatment of many ailments. Based on gentle movements, usually coordinated with deep abdominal breathing, Qigong is accessible to nearly anyone and its focus on mindfulness can benefit everyone.  We need to move but for many, the elevated intensity of boot camp and similar styles of exercise is simply not practical.  Qigong provides an avenue to get the movement so needed but at the same time provide a mechanism to quiet the mind and reduce stress.    We offer a 20 minute Qigong flow Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 6:30 am and Noon — this is free and available to the general public.



Programs for Young Athletes

We will continue to provide in-season maintenance conditioning and off-season training for young athletes included a sponsored program for North Shore United soccer players and dry land training for Ozaukee Aquatics.  Slots are filling for the fall and winter so coaches need to contact us soon!

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