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No Bounds Wellness encourages you to preview a session before you make a commitment!  We offer 30 minute “original every day” boot camps, barre, yoga, qigong, and meditation .. see some schedule notes below and then jump over to the calendar to grab a preview slot!

Free Preview

A free preview is the best way to get to know our boot camp program.  Friends can tell you wonderful things but the best test is to experience a session for yourself! … Just let us know when you want to start!  Workouts are new every day.  Mondays and Wednesdays we have Barre in addition to the boot camps, Thursday mornings we offer yoga.


Choose from any of our 15+ weekly class sessions:

Monday:  5-6:30 am and 8:40-9:10 am  (this is in “open block” format) Barre @ 10:15 am

Tuesday:  5:15 | 6 | 8:40 am  (Tabata!)

Wednesday:  5-6:30 am and 8:40-11:30 am  (this is in “open block” format) Barre @ 10:15 am

Thursday: 5:15 | 6 | 8:40 am (Combat sports themed … glove up!)  Yoga !@ 10:15 am

Friday: 5-6:30 am and 8:40-10 am  (this is in “open block” format)  Qigong @ 10:15 am (Qigong returns 12/1)

Saturday: 6:30 am

(Note: Thursdays are combat sports themed – if you are previewing on a Thursday and have open fingered style kickboxing/grappling gloves, bring ’em along!)


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