Your Boot Camp Headquarters!

We are thrilled to be hosting not just one, but a pair of boot camp programs to cover the wide spectrum of ages, fitness levels .. and well, those darned schedules!!

North Shore Fit continues to expand, and starting next week will offer a mid-morning class Monday – Friday to go along with their late afternoon and evening offerings.  These are 45-minute sessions, scalable for a wide range of fitness levels, whether you’re a high-intensity junkie or just trying a get back into shape enough to not be winded walking into the mall from the parking lot!  Learn more at

Need early mornings and/or need to back things down a bit?  Our in-house offering, No Bounds Wellness is your ticket.  In and out in 30 minutes … sessions programmed and led by a quite fit but far from jacked guy in his mid 50s. Need to ease back into things or need a lot of modifications. No Bounds Wellness has you covered.  Getting ready for a Spartan race and have delusions of stepping into the cage? Well, there’s nothing stopping you from taking those 30 minutes to the absolute max.  Learn more at

No Bounds Training & Wellness Center … the place to get fit, be well, and do good!

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