Free Qigong Offerings — Huh?

A great many folks are intrigued by the appearance on our fall calendar of Qigong and Qigong Meditation.  Because few seem to be familiar with Qigong, a bit of intro and background might be helpful.  It is simple enough to give a flavor of what this is as most folks have at least a picture in their mind of Tai Chi, which is thought to have evolved from Qigong.  In terms of what it looks like, this is a reasonable reference point, but there’s a lot more to tell!

Every great endeavor seems to have back story and well, this is no different.  A little over 10 years ago, I was in the tech field and working as a project manager at a local blood collection organization. We had a half day of work one Friday and I have the rare-ish A- blood type so I decided to do not just a donation, but a platelet donation.  This more complicated process includes a cycle of fluids being infused … long story short, during this part of the process, the needle went all the way through the vein and infused the tissue in my arm ….substantial damage (I was told nerve damage) was done to the arm resulting in odd seizures, pain, swelling, tingling in the fingers and just general unpleasantness. Months of physical therapy helped a lot, but I had lost feeling entirely in my first two fingers which I thought I would just have to live with.  The seizures were frequent and severe enough that I was unable to work effectively in the office setting so I eventually returned to private consulting.  (and now you also have the back story to why we host blood drives…) The evolution of soccer coach to boot camp training to gym owner is a whole other story!

Fast forward about 7 years …. somewhere along the way but unrelated to this incident, I became interested in Chinese Traditional Medicine and stumbled upon Qigong.  I’ve studied this stuff on and off for the past few years and about a year ago committed to a daily practice.  Now I can’t point to Qigong as the direct cause, but the coincidence is a bit uncanny …. after several months of daily practice without any other marked changes in my daily activities, I regained not just feeling, but complete dexterity in those two fingers. I was skeptical for a long time as it just seemed too simple (and it really is quite simple…). However, I very firmly believe that there is wisdom all around us if we have a mind open enough to see it and I’m very sure that this turnaround for me was 1) yet another testament to the body’s incredible ability to heal itself (not my first rather astounding healing!)  and 2) enough proof for me to double down on my commitment to the Qigong practice and further study to understand the why behind the remarkable what!

Movement, breathing, mindfulness …. it really is that simple. The morning flows will be standing and use gentle movements. The noon meditations will generally be seated, with limited movement but great use of visualization.   I’m inviting anyone and everyone to share this with me.  No fees, no membership (we’ll have you sign a facility waiver, but we even do that for birthday parties!) …. beginning September 1st … 6:30 am  and Noon – Monday/Wednesday/Friday   …. I invite you to spend 20ish minutes with me and my own practices – which are themselves heavily influenced by a number of  teachers …. Ken Cohen, Lee Holden and Dr Jwing-Ming Yang, Robert Peng, Marissa Cranfill Young, among a myriad of others.  You are certainly invited to come as a skeptic …. we probably make the most passionate spokespeople when we feel results ourselves!

Questions?  Give me a shout ….

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