In Season Conditioning – Why?

If you’ve been following along, you’ve probably seen our anticipated rollout of free in-season conditioning for NSU soccer players.  You might be wondering … well … why conditioning DURING the season?

There are 2 areas that I think “parents” should pay particular attention to with regards to the young athletes (defined as about age 11 or 12 and up .. there are certainly useful things that younger kids could do, but honestly, what they need is gazillions of touches on the ball).  First, and most important is to keep them healthy.  For any athlete, a big part of being healthy is being strong.  Strong enough to get bumped around without being knocked down.  Strong enough to make sharp changes of direction at game speed without losing footing.  Strong enough to take a hard hit (hey, you know it happens) and bounce back.  My best analogy would be wearing a helmet when on a bicycle … it won’t prevent the accident, but it sure will less the negative impact of one.

Second, you look for ways to increase performance.  How fast is your player? How is their endurance? How high can they jump?.. stuff like that.

(a third really key area is nutrition … more to come on that!)

What about technical and tactical skills, you say ….  that is the domain of your player’s coach.  Much of the technical skills must be honed on your own (with guidance surely from a coach, but your coach ain’t gonna get all those touches — you need to make that happen yourself!).  Tactical skills are taught and drilled in training sessions.  But your coach has only limited time with your players and although they certainly value conditioning, taking time away from teaching THE GAME is not optimal for them.

An in-season conditioning program answers the need here …. the focus is on maintaining strength (and if they didn’t train in the off season, perhaps even making some strength gains), and enhancing flexibility, mobility, agility.  Players who do in-season conditioning maintenance perform better because they don’t lose the strength component of their athleticism as the season goes on and they dramatically decrease the risk of injury.

For those athletes who aspire to play in college, the discipline you gain by committing to both in-season and off-season conditioning will pay dividends down the line — it is just suggested there — it is part of the program.

Our program is free to North Shore United soccer players as part of our sponsorship.  Even one session a week will help, 2 is better – on non-consecutive days.  Moms and Dads, we’re also offering a 30% discount on membership to our wellness programming, which includes 30-minute boot camp sessions, yoga, meditation, and qigong.  Our early morning classes overlap with the open block for the players!

Contact me …. (or use the contact link above) for more information.

Already ready?  Signup HERE.   We’ll send you instructions to sign up for sessions.  Monday-Friday, open block from 5-6:45 am — allow about 30 minutes to complete the session.


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