Wednesday, March 4th

A little late with this one since we’ve already gotten two sessions behind us today, but still one to go at 8:45 tonite, soropeman all is not lost!!  Wednesday is ropes day, so here ya go!!

2 rounds at 40/20 — the 20 can be rest or be “choice”

1.  L-Sit Wide Wave

2. Standing Circles (twin corkscrew forward)

3. Kneeling Wide Wave

4.  Dog Sled (2 hand wave .. mush!)

5.  Standing Wide Wave (note — the 3 wides can be either singles or doubles….)

6.  Deep Squat Speed Wave

7.  Uppercuts

8.  Side Facing Corkscrew

9.  Turn #8 Around!

10.  The Standard Alternating Wave — last one in seqence.. SPRINT!

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