Tuesday, March 3rd (Core x3 + Tabata Bootcamp)

4 classes on the schedule for Tuesday .. regular group at 5:15 am, 6 am and 8:45 pm, with the Tabata only session at 8:15 pm.  Here are the sessions!!  (the 2 private sessions scheduled for Tuesday will be doing a blend of both of today’s workouts!)  And remember, first Tuesday .. that means we have a guest speaker!!  See HERE for details!

Regular groups doing core this week ..

45/15 x 2 rounds  — A movements are STANDING this week!  No planks! (Tammie — we’ll give your elbows a break!)

1a and 1b:  Straight leg side crunch (hand behind head, leg lift to side, crunch motion elbow toward like with contraction of obliques on crunch side while getting a nice stretch on the other side).  One round right, the next to the left.

2a and 2b: Straight leg front raise, arms begin overhead and then try to touch as far down lifted leg as you can .. aim for very controlled movement, especially while lowering the leg. First right, then left.

3.  Alternating torso rotation with med ball held with extended arms level forward

4a and 4b: One legged woodcutters (with med ball), First right, then left.

5.  High knees run in place – consciously bring hips forward to engage core — we do not want the lift to come from the lower back on these — core and glutes!!


And here are the 4 Tabata sequences for the 8:15 class.  We’ll go with the 2 exercises per sequence format.

1.  Pushups and Sprawls

2.  Jumping Jacks and Total Body Extensions

3.  V-Sit Peddles and V-Sit Pushdowns

4.  Squats and Burpees

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