Monday, March 2nd

We’ll lead off the week with a top to bottom 4 station boot camp workout … squat_sil

50/10 .. we’ll go a 4 complete runs through the stations and then do a group finisher.  Rest as needed but no more.

1.  Step toe taps (soccer taps)

2.  Goblet squats using kettlebell or dumbbell, alternating with 90 degree turn to lunges (squat, right face and lunge, left face and squat, left face and lunge, right face and squat …….)

3.  Med ball seated Russian twist .. for greater challenge, keep heels off the floor!

4.  Side to side Bosu pushups

Finisher — 3x3x3  3 exercises, 3 reps at a time each, 3 minutes run time

1.  Burpee   2.  Squat Jack  3.  5 yard lateral shuttle

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