Friday, February 27th (with Thursday night preview)

circuit-visualOur free Thursday night preview of the new Tabata Bootcamp class which comes online next week will NOT run tonite, but we’ll do our weekly circuit using a modification of the standard 4 minute Tabata protocol.

20/10 x 4 rounds at each station .. clock will continue to run in 20/10 format, rest as needed but no more as your transition station to station.  We’ll have a mix of pure body weight stations and implement assisted stations.  All body weight stations will be a pair of exercises — alternate them, doing 2 of each.

Try to get to each station at least once .. depending on how and when you catch a rest, you might be able to get 3 or 4 stations into a second round.


1.  Low Plank / Hip Dip

2.  Dumbbell Thrusters

3.  Plank Jacks / Superman Swimmers

4.  Bear Crawl Ball Roll

5.  Elevated Mountain Climber /  “dixie cup” lateral shuttle

6.  Jump Rope

7.  Suspension Squat Jumps

8.  Plank Rope Reel — alternate arms


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