Monday, February 16th

We’re going to go “simple” this week …. only a few different movements each session.  Less effort thinking “am I doing this right?” and more time really focusing on the movement at hand.

Monday’s format:  RIST (reps in specified time).  We’ll do 3 sets — 5 rounds each of a single movement.  RIST works like this:  you have a fixed amount of time and fixed amount of QUALITY reps.  Finish the reps and rest the remaining time in the round.  We’ll be going in 1 minute rounds.  Let’s say the exercise was 8 pushups.  You do your 8 and assuming any time remaining in the 1 minute allotted, that is rest.  We’ll rest for 90 seconds between sets.

squat_silSet #1 — Squats x 15

To back this down, do only 10. To amp it up, either go to 20 rep of modify the movement (goblets, prisoner squats, band overhead, etc)

burpee_silSet #2 — Burpees (no pushup) x 8

To back this down, drop rep count to 6 and/or modify the movement by stepping back into the down position and going just to tiptoes instead of a jump at the top.  To amp it, go ahead and keep the pushup (or do more than one!) and/or change the jump to a lateral jump or a tuck jump


Set #3 — Plank Walkouts w/Pushup x 8

Back this down by eliminating the pushup. Amp it up by adding a mountain climber when you get extended out to the high plank position either before or after (or both!) the pushup.

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