Friday, February 13th (with Thursday night preview)

Here’s our Friday the 13th “minimalist” circuit .. fun fact… a looooooonnnnngggggg time ago, Coach Jim turned 13 on Friday the 13th!

We’ll go 1 minute on station, with 20 seconds transition.  These are in no particular order — TBD once I map it onto the space!

1.  Step riser restack (an interesting twist on the Russian Twist we usually do with medicine balls)

2. 2 hand tall waves on the battling ropes (force is on the “up”)

3.  Slam balls (the complement to the ropes, here, the real force is on the “down”)circuit-visual

4.  Elevated mountain climbers (add height as needed)

5.  2 riser jump squats (step instead of jump as needed)

6.  Kettlebell waiter walk (horn down to amp it up!)

…. and perhaps a couple surprises .. I’m writing the session from home and need to check a couple things once I get to the studio tonite to see if they are “possible”…


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