Tuesday, February 10th

We haven’t done a really good killer leg session in a while …. this week came down between a very focused Pilates walklikebabygiraffeinspired “dancers legs” session and a good old fashioned “don’t sit down for more than 20 minutes at a time all day long” kind of session.  I’m in an alpha male sort of mood this week, so.. away we go..

We’ll position the tractor tire in the middle of room and use it as the hub.

18 minutes AMRAP – rest as needed but ONLY as needed…

Start at perimeter cone .. 25 bodyweight squats (want more? grab a heavy dumbbell or kettlebell and hang it down the middle and do a wider stance squat.  If you want to back it down .. decrease the reps but still do as deep a squat as your are able.

Upon completion, duck walk to the tire.

Turn it around and do 10 splits on each leg — again, if you want to back it down, just do 5 reps each side.  Oh, you want to ramp it up .. well, you know where the dumbbells are!!! 🙂

Frog jumps with a floor touch back to your cone.

Lather.. rinse… repeat.. for 18 minutes.

Maybe we’ll do that dancer thing sometime next week…

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