Monday, February 2nd

Hard to say what the ole groundhog is going to see and the jury will still be out when we finish Monday morning but whatever he sees, we’ll probably be keeping it indoors for another couple months at least!  Wbodyweight_silwe’re going to get after it on Monday with a not quite full body workout – focus on legs, glutes and a bit of core. We’ll  come back Tues with core + cardio session.

Equipment is simple .. cones to mark out a grid and a weighted bar. We have weighted toning sticks available in the studio — if you are doing this at home, a straight bar works fine or a dowel or even just a broomstick. The weight is nice for the extra resistance but fine to just focus on the extra stretch you can get with the overhead object.


40/20, 2 rounds.  We’ll break for about 90 second between rounds.

1.  Squat jacks

2.  Bird dog — straights and laterals

3.  Duck walk around the grid (forward, sideways, backward, sideways…)

4. Speed squat

5. Plank jack

6. Supine Heel Touches

7.  Sprawls

8.  Tone bar alternating reverse lunge

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