Circuit Day – January 29/30

Cookin’ up and servin’ out the circuit a little earlier than usual!!  We’re going to toss in a little twist this week. We’ll spend 1 minute on each station (8 — 2 times through…) and before moving to the next one, we’ll do a 15 second cardio burst, running in place climbing the ladder. You’ll have another 15 second to get into ready mode on the next nbwlogostation.  This one should leave you feeling you deserve a little cheat for the Super Bowl party.  Since most of my locals don’t really care about either team anyway, at least you can enjoy the party!   Here are your stations…. (order TBD once we set up the studio with the needed toys…)

1.  (on the landmine) Alternating shoulders, you’ll do a lumberjack press, then rest the bar on a shoulder and do a squat, raise it back to a press and switch shoulders.

2. “Ball over box” — toss the med ball with a nice arch over the plyo box, step or jump up onto the box, exit the other side, repeat in the other direction

3.  “Push and reel” —  think “pushing the bobsled” (a 40 lb heavy bag) in one direction, the rope will trail behind. Sprint back to the end of the rope and reel the bag back in

4.  Step up or jump up onto the tire, step/jump back and do an elevated pushup (yes, this is sorta kinda partially like a b……., but we’re not using that word today….

5. Suspension support deep squat to high fly reach (okay, you got me, this one is pretty much just a really nice stretch)

6. Power lunge — alternating reverse lunges with dumbbells held overhead

7.  Wandering plank around a padded mat (low plank position on the elbows!)

8.  Seated crunches (this one will not be back to back with the plank!)

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