January 23rd, 2015

Here is our circuit for this week (Thurs night/Friday morning)

1 minute on station, 18 minutes total work time (choose 6 of the 7 or do all 7 twice and pick 4 on the last round) …. pace yourself as needed … 15 second transition on stations.

1. Medicine Ball Squat   (Mods:  squat + press, do the exercise on the Bosu)cropped-logo.png

2. Kettlebell Farmer Carry

3. Plate press (elbows wide to work chest, elbows in for triceps – you choose!)

4. Bent Dumbbell Rows (alternate arms 2 rounds, switch halfway other round – we’ll call halfway mark each minute)

5. Jump Rope (Mods:  jumping jack, step out jack or total body extension)

6. Elevated Plank on Bench (Mod:  Elevate on Swiss ball, Stir the ball

7. Tire Whack

If needed for any session due to numbers, we’ll add slam balls and battling ropes!

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