Tuesday, January 20th

This week’s version of Tuesday is a core day so same session for early morning and late night….


2 sequencropped-logo.pngces, 1 standing, 1 plank based.  30/10 format, 2 times through each, then a finisher.




Standing Sequence (all are done holding a weight!)

1. High Knee Runners (mod to skip as needed)

2. Rainbow Standing Oblique Crunches

3. High Knee Lift Woodcutters

4.  Paddlers

5.  Sumo Stand Oblique Crunches

Planking Sequence

1. Low Plank Hold

2. High Plank Alternating Reach Throughs

3. Plank Ups

4.  Plank Jacks

5.  Body Saw

Finisher — 4 minute Tabata format — Plank walkouts, pushup at bottom, high reach at top

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