Monday, January 19th

We haven’t done a benchmark type session in a while, probably not even since the outdoor boot camp sessions over the summer.  So while the year is still young and many have gotten a little out of normal flow, we’ll do one on fit_testMonday that we can come back to later in the spring and see how we’re doing.

To make these meaningful, strict form is critical.  Doing a bunch of sloppy pushups isn’t going to do much to help you gauge progress when you repeat them in a few months.

This will be a short track variation on our outdoor version which covered about 80 yards.  It consists of just 4 movements — squat, pushup, walking lunge and quick sprint.

We’ll go 15 minutes work — rest when you need it, but only when you need it. Any mod to any of the 4 movements is fine but we’ll record it.  For example, if you do the pushups from the knees on the benchmark but can do them even in part as standard pushups next time, that is progress even if the number of rounds you complete does not change.

1.  20 squats

2.  Walking lunge length of floor

3.  10 pushups

4.  Run to start

15 minutes, keep track of your rounds.  We’ll record the rounds (including partial round if you end in the middle of one) as well as mods you did.  We’ll repeat this one in mid to late April.

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