Tuesday Night Ropes, 1/13/15

Since repeating our Tuesday morning leg workout might cause some ill effects to anyone to happens to sleep coiledropeovernight, we’ll go with a collection of our favorites on the ropes…  Wednesday is our normal ropes day and will be cardio heavy!

Format:  35/35 — Ropes/Other as specified (where doubling on ropes if needed, simply switch order and one do the body weight piece first) This will be closer to 30/30 .. added time to handle transitions

1.    Alternating Wave | Alternating Reverse Lunge  or Squats

2.   Slams | Pushups

3.  One Handed/One Legged Wave |  Total Body Extension

4.  Repeat #3, but change hand and leg | Total Body Extension

5.  Up and Backs  | Bird Dog

Rest 90 seconds and repeat for a total of 3 complete rounds.

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