Tuesday, January 13th

We’re going to mix a whole bunch of cardio with today’s session. Most of the movements are adapted from Cathe Freidrich’s Ripped with HIIT series.  When I need something for myself and am feeling less than inspired to write cropped-logo.pngone up (or afraid I’ll leave out the stuff on purpose that I need the most…. ), her stuff is one my go-to sources. Worth having a DVD or two of her’s around if you find you need to get one in at home!

We’ve got 2 separate sets of 5 exercises … 30 seconds each movement, no rest during the set – we’ll take a 2 minute break between sets and do both sets in full twice.

Set 1:

Lateral Crossovers with Squats on each side

Using the mat for reference… lunge side, diagonal forward, side, diagonal backward

Using the mat as obstacle … jump to the side over, back, over, JUMP … repeat jumping after every three long side steps over the mat

Alternating Reverse Lunge with JUMP every time you come to center (this is lower impact than doing jumping split lunges)

Staggered Sprawls .. a bit like our usual sprawls but we are coming up to a higher stop with feet staggered front/back

Set 2

Using the mat as our border… squat steps to front, touch .. squats steps to back, touch ….

Using the mat for reference with a cup on each end .. side shuttle, pick up cup.. shuttle back pick up other cup, and then alternate back and forth picking them up and putting them down

Front alternating lunge .. pick up or put down the two cups each rep

Fast feet .. narrow to wide to narrow to wide …..

Alternating skater touches


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