Monday, January 12th

The lineup for the week has resisted cardio on the ropes Wednesday and legs/glutes on Tuesday, so we’ll low_planlkfire up the week with a bit of core and upper body focus, building everything around our friend, the Plank.



Format 25/40 x2 each for unilaterals (1,2), x4 bilaterals (3,4,5).

No additional rest during transition to next exercise.

1. High Plank Start, alt between a pike and single arm swing and extend (left, then right)

2.  Low plank single leg flex and extend (left, then right)

3.  High plank, alt between pike (flex) and extend

4. Low Plank Hold

optional 5th exercise (will carry us over 20 minutes)

5.  High Plank Alternating Sitouts



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