Friday, January 9th

Here are the likely stations for this week’s circuit … note that I’m posting this at about 1 pm on Thursday. We normally preview the Friday circuit at the late evening Thursday session.  However, we are under a weather advisory for later today that is supposed to add blowing snow to the already brutally cold temps.  Check the sidebar status after 6 pm this evening as there is about a 50/50 chance we’d forgo the night session if the weather turns — it just depends how nasty it gets. No sense risking life and limb .. if we feel the need to cancel, we’ll try to find a time slot on the weekend to set it back up.

Most stations will have support for 2 at once, a couple just singles.  20 minutes AMRAP. Here they are….

Dumbbell seated press (x10)

Tire Whack (x10)

“Reel the bag” (down and back)

Bench (easy=incline, hard=decline) Pushups

Ladder Traveling Plank (once around)

Kettlebell 1 Hand Deadlift  (x10)

Duck Walk Around the Grid (once around)


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