Ropes To Finish Off the Year!

Tonite is the final evening workout for 2014 with the Wednesday early morning trio finishing up the early morning coiledropesessions for the year.  We’ll return to where we started .. better, stronger and ready for whatever lies before us .. to the battling ropes we go!!

Yet another twist on an old favorite… our “20 in 20”

Format 30/30  — Ropes/”other”  (I choose the ropes exercise, you choose the “other”)  20 minutes straight, you’ll want to use a couple of your “others” as rests .. or not .. you choose!   Here is the ropes portion!

1. Mean Santas (okay, 2 hand wave .. but still ’tis the season…)

2. Circles

3.  Rope Burpee!

4.  Claps

5.  Plank wave — left hand

6.  Plank wave — right hand

7.  Low stance speed wave

8.  Rope jumping jack

9.  Slams

10. Kneeling alt wave

11.  Up and backs

12.  In and outs

13.  Side wave — left face

14.  Side wave — right face

15.  Hi-Lo claps

16.  2 hand sweeps

17.  Wide alt wave

18.  Jockeys

19.  Wide vertical Z’s

20.  Alternating wave

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