Early Morning Group – 8/26

For those in attendance on Monday, you know I”m hobbled… freak accident at home that resulted in a rather deep puncture on my right foot.  It stiffened up overnight and then added a bit of swelling during the day on Monday but feeling a bit better and moving around reasonably well as of this writing.  However, we’d keep Tuesday away from any running and jumping so that I can join you!shirtdesign1

The summer program is rapidly winding down .. are you in for the fall yet?  If not, jump on board before the spots fill up.  Unlike the virtually unlimited capacity of the outdoor format, once we’re confined by a set of walls, we do need to limit numbers!  Registration is open HERE  and you are invited to stop in the first week of September, Tues-Fri, between 9-11:30 and 12:30-1:30 to check out the new offices and studio!  Through the end of August, a special deal is available .. get registered by the end of the month and we’ll add a month free.  No worries about renewals during the holiday season!

Tuesday, August 26th — Over and Back!

45/15 again alternating between just 4 exercises  X 4 rounds, we’ll rest for 1 minute between end round

1. V-Sit Push Down (weights optional)

2. Plank Hold

3. V-Sit Cross Body Punches (with weights)

4.  Bird Dog


Questions?  Drop us a note using the form below!


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