Early Morning Group – 8/25

Well, here we are .. the final week of the summer session.  Hard to believe that we’ve done this every single weekday since the 16tiDraw TireRope tshirt kettle Lefth of June with only a couple of weather out days.  11 weeks.  If you’ve averaged 2 or more days a week, well, pat yourself on the back.  You’re probably well on your way to a new healthy habit.  If some things got in the way, well, that happens.  If you just bailed way too often without any real reason at all .. hmmm… time to fix that!!

The summer program is rapidly winding down .. are you in for the fall yet?  If not, jump on board before the spots fill up.  Unlike the virtually unlimited capacity of the outdoor format, once we’re confined by a set of walls, we do need to limit numbers!  Registration is open HE
 and you are invited to stop in the first week of September, Tues-Fri, between 9-11:30 and 12:30-1:30 to check out the new offices and studio!  Just a few hours left to take advantage of an offer for a free month!

Monday, August 25th .. Monday Ropes!

45/15 on the ropes … FUW (finish up with…) either 10 squat jumps or 10 TBEs

1. Up-Downs

2. One Hand Laterals

3. One Hand Laterals (yeah, switch hands!)

4.  Kneeling Alt Wave

5.  Jockeys


Questions?  Drop us a note using the form below!


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