Early Morning Group – 8/22

A few adjustments on Thursday to more of the “DOYO” (do on your own) format that we’ll be running during the afternoon block in the studio soon. Timer gone.. just rep counts instead.  It was as challenging as you cared to make it!

Which brings us to our next to last Friday … simple circuit.  A crazy day on Thursday delay getting the trailer lights set up so the van is packed instead .. next week for the finale, maybe we’ll just load the van AND load the trailer and pull out all the toys!

The summer program is rapidly winding down .. are you in for the fall yet?  If not, jump on board before the spots fill up.  Unlike the virtually unlimited capacity of the outdoor format, once we’re confined by a set of walls, we do need to limit numbers!  Registration is open HERE and you are invited to stop in the first week of September, Tues-Fri, between 9-11:30 and 12:30-1:30 to check out the new offices and studio!  We’renbw_merch not ready to show off the new “brand” …. to celebrate I’ll post a special offer on Friday for anyone who registers over the weekend!!

Friday, August 22nd — Circuit Day!

Here are your stations .. order TBD based at least a little bit in anticipation of some interesting weather…

Bosu Mountain Climbers

Kettlebell Row

Slam Balls

Ropes Seated Twist

Jump Ropes

Suicides (I don’t like the word, but, well, that’s just what they’re called…)

Plyo Box Jump or Step


Questions?  Drop us a note using the form below!


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