Early Morning Group – 8/15

Bright blue skies and a brilliant sunrise were the backdrop to Thursday morning’s very gentle mobility session.  Easy movements, lots of stretching, zero impact.  A welcome respite after hill day!

We’re down to just  2 weeks of summer session. We’ll take a week off to move into the new place adjacent to Chay’s Tae Kwon Do in Cedarburg and will then fire up our fall “semester”.   Newcomers still welcome to the outdoor stuff at an almost free price — note that getting on board — even this late!!! — before we head indoors will still get you a 10% discount on the fall!!  Lock in your spot by clicking HERE.

Friday is circuit day … here is your lineup (order TBD…)  22 minutes .. AMRAP

Rope Slams

Overhead med ball throw (backwards…)

Slosh Pipes

Kettlebell farmer walk


Suspension rows

Zig Zag Shuttle

Kettebell waiter walks



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