Early Morning Group – 8/14

Great turnout for hill day on Wednesday!  We saw the moon early and the sun barely made it through the early morning clouds but we got our weekly hill work done!

We’re down to just over 2 weeks of summer session. We’ll take a week off to move into the new place adjacent to Chay’s Tae Kwon Do in Cedarburg and will then fire up our fall “semester”.   Newcomers still welcome to the outdoor stuff at an almost free price — but getting on board before we head in will still get you 10% discount on the fall!!  Lock in your spot by clicking HERE.

Thursday … we’ll rewind from the missed Tuesday with a freestyle core session.  Expect 22 minutes including some warmup movement and cooldown stretching.  Have a mat?  Bring it!  Traction will be important (hence the rainout on Tuesday!).


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