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Week 9 coming up!! We’re down to the last 3 weeks of the summer session.  Hard to believe that soon the summer will be behind us, school will fire back up and the leaves that are already starting to lose their vibrant green will begin to fall.  We’ll begin the week as we have so many times this summer with yet another original battling ropes workout.

Note — there IS still time to climb on board and finish out the summer with us.  A huge perk is that even the late comers will still get a 10% discount on our fall lineup, which will feature not only a pair of very early morning sessions, but also some specialized classes during the day and evening and an open “do on your own” time block — we provide  the space, toys and the workout — you just come make it happen.  Price for remainder of summer is just $25 .. that’s only shade over 8 bucks a week … you could do 30 workouts yet if you really wanted too!  Go HERE to register.

Monday, August 11th  The Ropes Go Round

10 ropes, 10 exercises.  50 seconds each.  To transition, we’ll take a very quick walking lap around the wheel of ropes and fire right back up … 2 rounds.

Here’s the 10…. (in no particular order … everyone will have a different starting point!)

1. 2 Hand Underhand Curl

2. Seated Twist

3.  Jacks

4.  Wave w/ alternating reverse lunge

5.  Kneeling alternating wave

6.  Claps (force on the pull…)

7.  Mean Santas

8.  Burpees

9.  Circles

10. Wave w/ squats

Looking for a session from earlier in the summer .. they are all HERE.

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