Early Morning Group – 8/7



Wednesday at the hill was met by yet another great sunrise .. everyone made at least 4 trips the full length of the hill with the even numbered trips featuring a few extras.  Speaking of extras… after a couple days of pretty rigorous stuff, we’ll have some fun on Thursday with an agility/coordination/balance focused circuit.

We are now in week 8!! Three weeks remain after this one and the special “back to school” price is almost too good to be true (but it is!!)  Details and registration HERE.


Thursday, August 7th … A Little Fun with Tests of Agility and Balance

We’ll put 20 minutes on the clock … AMRAP

Here are the stations (order TBD…)

1. Feet together hurdle jumps

2. Agility Ladder

3.  Zig Zag Shuttle

4.  Agility Rings

5. Lateral Jumps + Burpees

6. Figure 8 Douible Kettlebell Waiter Carry

7.  Lateral Shuttle

8.  Suicide Shuttle — Forward/Backward


All the workouts will be archived HERE.

We’re going all summer so you haven’t missed much!!  Details to join HERE

Can’t do the mornings or really want to get some workouts in but what to do with the kids?  Try our FREE “A WOD in Park” summer series … Tuesday and Thursday evening sessions  started June 24th.  Workouts and locations are HERE

Got questions?  Drop me a note below!

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