Recap – Workout Week Ending 7/25!

Wow… what a week .. great weather allowed us to get all 10 boot camp and both park sessions in.  This all came during a week that my oldest daughter was in North Carolina at UNC for a week of soccer camp under the direction of the legendary Anson Dorrance.  Great experience but flying solo here on the home front with 6 kids, music lessons, a local soccer camp, swim lessons and well .. six kids… was quite a week.  But hey, chin up .. we got ‘r done.  For those who missed, the photo recap is below.  For those who showed up pretty much every day .. take it easy today… a brisk walk would be great, but do get some rest!

On other topics … my closest circle knows that I don’t just say “wisdom is where you find it”, but actually walk the walk.  I read a lot, but only take serious the output of a small select group of folks who I know only via the internet.  Much of my own journey back to extraordinarily robust health started with the Insanity program from BeachBody.  Truth be told, the name is a little off putting, but by and large, the products coming out of BeachBody are pretty great stuff. Press play. Follow along. Do the work. Don’t neglect the non exercise pieces and well, you really can’t help but get results.  Problem is, like most canned programs, the likelihood you can just take them home and hold yourself accountable tends to be pretty slim. There is one of these I’ve been watching for a while .. viewed a lot of previews including some full videos of live sessions.  It’s call PiYo … a fusion of a pilates and yoga.  Oddly, a lot of what I see in PiYo looks rather familiar but there is some stuff I just hadn’t thought of yet.  Expect a few new twists on some things going forward.  Chalene Johnson has assembled a very versatile program (I bought it) that can be used by any level of fitness and just promotes a whole bunch of the stuff I like to talk about.  I’m going to start it in addition to everything else we’re doing in September .. if you’re interested, please let me know. This would be a freebie.  I think I could take about 3 folks and we’d just agree on a schedule.  You don’t have to be part of my current group, though I’ll obviously give them first dibs if there’s interest.

Last, before the picture recap .. a couple announcements.  More details will follow!

Monday boot camp —  Ropes!

Tuesday boot camp — Body-weight session — core focus

Tuesday “A WOD in the Park” will be a Georgetown and will be a “follow me” body-weight session

Wednesday we’re off course at the Mee-Kwon Park sledding hill

That gets us to mid week and closing in on the end of July .. we have 5 weeks left in the summer session.


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