Early Morning Group – 7/25




Okay, I’ve got to admit .. the alarm on Thursday morning took a while to register in my groggy brain .. but we got after it and got through our three round of Tabata formatted pure core work.   Well done folks!!  So we look forward to our highly accessorized circuit day on Friday … old time strongman style!!

There are 6 weeks remaining in the summer session.  Still plenty of training days so come on out!   Details and registration HERE.


 Friday, July 25th — Strongman Circuit

This one’s pretty old school … expect to get your hands dirty!  Here are the forecasted stations (subject to change based on what I toss into the trailer!!)

1.  Burpees (well.. duh .. been a while … unless you showed up at the park Thursday night and did them with ropes!)

2.  Tire Flip (yeah, finally, we’re going there!)

3.  Tire whack (hey, I’ve got 3 tires, might as well play whack a mole on one of them!)

4.  Slosh Pipe Carry (sorry, I just love these things .. who’d a thunk it.. a capped pipe with water .. wow…)

5. Slam Balls  (we’ll actually slam them this week)

6. Kettlebell Waiter Carry (going all the way down to a tiny 5 pounder so we got one for everyone this week!)

….. and expect a couple more once we finalize the order!!


All the workouts will be archived HERE.

We’re going all summer so you haven’t missed much!!  Details to join HERE

Can’t do the mornings or really want to get some workouts in but what to do with the kids?  Try our FREE “A WOD in Park” summer series … Tuesday and Thursday evening sessions  started June 24th.  Workouts and locations are HERE

Got questions?  Drop me a note below!

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