Early Morning Group – 7/16

We lost Tuesday morning due to threatening weather … of course, it got quite UN-threatening by about 6:45.. grrrrrr.  We did sneak the scheduled Tuesday session into the park workout which was a bit at risk due to the on and off showers and periodic rumbles of thunder, but we got it in!

Wednesday, July 16th — Ladder Sprints @ The Hill

Keeping with our theme of “simple” this week …

Marks at 20/40/60/80 yds

80% effort (for you…) on the way up … recovery walk down

Start by going the full 80, walk down, then up 60, walk down and so on to the 20 yd mark.

Then.. do it in reverse starting with the 20 yd, walk back, up 40, etc….

Total distance covered will only be a bit less than a half mile .. half of that high effort, half recovery

If you want to amp it up a bit over and above the sprint … do 10 squats at the end of each run, and 10 pushups after every trip down.



All the workouts will be archived HERE.

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Can’t do the mornings or really want to get some workouts in but what to do with the kids?  Try our FREE “A WOD in Park” summer series … Tuesday and Thursday evening sessions  started June 24th.  Workouts and locations are HERE

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