Next Boot Camp Session – Tuesday, July 8th

The small turnout Monday morning was greeted by sunshine, quite warm temps and high humidity.  Felt like summer!!  By Tuesday, the cold front should push in and cool things back down.  Our whacky Wisconsin weather is certainly hanging tight to its reputation.  Tuesday, we’ll reprise one of our winter workouts titled “15 in 18”,  featuring 7 ropes exercises, 7 bodyweight exercises … with #15 being a finisher!


Tuesday, July 8th — 15 in 18

18 minute workout … plus a couple minutes rest between the first 15 and the 3 minute finisher.

30/30 format .. alt between the rope movement and the bodyweight movement — you may start with either!

1.  Alternating Wave /  Seal Jacks

2. Mean Santas  /  Squat + Alternating Front Kick

3.  Low Speed Wave /  Alternating Reverse Lunge

4.  Hi-Lo Claps  /  1/4 jump squats

5.  Circles /  Bird Dog

6.  Rope Jacks  /  Dead Bug

7.  Up & Backs  /  X-Body Mountain Climber

Finisher — 3 exercises, 3 reps at a time each, 3 minutes on the clock

1.  Jumping Jack  2.  Push Up  3.  Prisoner Squat


All the workouts will be archived HERE.

We’re going all summer so you haven’t missed much!!  Details to join HERE

Can’t do the mornings or really want to get some workouts in but what to do with the kids?  Try our FREE “A WOD in Park” summer series … Tuesday and Thursday evening sessions  started June 24th.  Workouts and locations are HERE

Got questions?  Drop me a note below!

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