Next Boot Camp Session, Thursday, July 3rd

Awesome simple session on the hill .. just got it in before the mist turned to rain!  We’ll be taking July 4th off from a regular session, but get in touch if you want to join Coach Jim for an early morning driveway/garage kettlebell complex.   For Thursday, we go with some favorites.  My kids like to poke fun at my simpler childhood, claiming that I had no toys to play with beyond a stick and a piece of string.  So … here’s the theme for Thursday .. Ropes and Planks!


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Drop dead simple .. we’ll alternate between a ropes exercise and planks … 30/30 with a few seconds transitions built in.  5 different ropes movements — we’ll do them in
density mode — doing each 3 times before moving the the next.

Here are the ropes exercises:

Mean Santas  –>  Lateral Wave –> Alternating Wave –> Rope Jacks –> High Slams



All the workouts will be archived HERE.

We’re going all summer so you haven’t missed much!!  Details to join HERE

Can’t do the mornings or really want to get some workouts in but what to do with the kids?  Try our FREE “A WOD in Park” summer series … Tuesday and Thursday evening sessions  started June 24th.  Workouts and locations are HERE

Got questions?  Drop me a note below!

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