A Little Fun at Tonite’s Group Session

I got up this morning to find out that the weather forecast from last night was correct. Grrrr. More of that white stuff on the ground. Enough already.  So to shake off the grumps, we’re going to mix things up a bit tonite with a full body circuit featuring all partner stations and some unusual moves…

We’ll finalize the exact format based on numbers, but  are the likely stations…

1.  Partner Ropes

2.  Bear Crawl Slam Ball Roll Relay

3.  Over/Under Med Ball Pass

4.  Squat + Front Kick to Blocker

5.  Around the World Side Med Ball Pass

6.  Resistance Band Side Shuttle Under Tension

….. I know you’re disappointed not to see burpees in there — I have some great partner burpee variants but we’ll save them for when we can get back outside!

(but since I know a few really want them — we’ll put them in the finisher!!)


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