Group session – 3/18/14

Posting this one a little early as we’re offering a special free weekend challenge in the studio.  Use the contact page to RSVP — come to the studio on Saturday or Sunday, do this work, then come to group session on Tuesday and try to beat your time!  Regulars.. the weekend is a freebie…   If you are new, this one is a bonus. A free one on the weekend and you still get your first group class free.  The catch? Nada .. well, except I do need you to RSVP and let me know when you will stop by. Preferred times are from 1-4 on Saturday and Sunday.

The workout goes like this….

Each round begins with 15 2 hand kettlebell swings and ends with 15 bodyweight squats. You’ll do a total of 10 rounds .. in the middle.. pushups … starting with 10, drop one each round down to 6, repeat 6 and work your way back up to 10.  Rest only as needed!  Every rep should be perfect form .. adjust pace to maintain form.

Grand totals:  150 kb swings, 150 squats, 80 pushups.

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