In The Studio This Week (come angry!)

This week’s spotlight sessions are fighter themed … we’ll use a combination of mitts and the heavy bag.  You don’t have to ever plan to step into a ring or octagon to give props to fighters for the training they do.  So we’ll lift their methods and take another step in being ready for the zombie apocalypse!

It will look something like this …

We’ll start with our normal warmup and then move to the mitts.  5 rounds of 60 second work/30 seconds recovery

10 alternating straight punches then 3 squats .. repeat pair for a full minute

Then to the bag … 20/10 format .. we’ll go 3 times through this trio  (adjust stance for each)… 1) L-L-R  2) Quick alternating jabs  3) R-R-L

Last set .. 4 rounds of  30 seconds to the mitts, 30 seconds on the bag, rest 30 seconds

Alternating straights to the mitts, knockout hooks to the bag

All pretty basic stuff, but if you new to it, you’ll be surprised how quickly you tire — and that’s without anyone hitting you back!

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