Return of the Ropes! Group Session 3/11/14

I miss the ropes!!  And I’m sure you all do as well .. so we’re hauling them in tonite and will do a power cardio blast…

50/10 format split between Ropes/”other” — I set the rope exercise, you choose the “other” — Jumping Jacks/TBE/Squats/Pushups … or you could just march in place, so just gear it to what challenges you.

On the ropes …

1. Wave + Squat


2.  Up and Backs

3.  Rope Burpee

4.  Low Stance Speed Wave

5.  Rope Sprawls

We’ll do the sequence twice.

Ready to finally get in on the fun?  We’re at NSAA in Grafton tonite .. upper floor choreography room.  Sessions at 7 and 7:30 pm.  Join us!! The first class is FREE – click the banner to the right and let us know you’re coming!




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