Fighter Power Cardio – 3/4/14

Here is our group session for 3/4 — upper floor dance studio at NSAA.  Want to join us?  First class is always free but please let us know you are coming!  Sessions run at 7 and 7:30.

Normal warmup .. and then we’ll do 2 rounds with 2 minutes rest between rounds…

45 seconds per movement .. NO BREAKS .. this is fighter style training. Just because you stop swinging, don’t count on your foe to do likewise!  Some of these are new movements for the group .. just follow me!  This one is inspired by one of my go-to trainers, Funk Roberts .. you can see more of his stuff at

1.  In/Out Quick Feet

2.  Spiderman Moutain Climber

3.  Walking Prisoner Lunge

4.  Alternating close/wide pushup

5.  Weighted Uppercut 180s

6.  Alternating side burpees

7.  Jump squats (back off to TBE if you have knee issues with impact)

8.  Plank walkouts

9.  Weighted jabs

10.  Low sprawls

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