Weekly Studio Sessions – 2/26-3/2 – Suspension Trainer

Any of our offerings are always available, but this week’s focus workout is on the suspension trainer. Click HERE for scheduling!

We’ll do warmup, workout and cooldown stretch on the WOSS trainers.


Update after a couple runs of this … the exercises stay the same, but we’re going to break into 3 blocks…and we’ll do 3 x 30 on each exercise before moving to the next one (our shorthand for this is “density mode” .. I don’t care what anyone else calls it because I’m not anyone else… <gr>)

1.  The first three (all standing, change to SHM after 3 rounds of the first one)

2. Block 2 — the prone and supine pair… for the prone crunch/pike — back off to just the crunch if needed, and just hold the plank if needed.. more..  For the alternating pair on your back — butt down is pretty easy, raise up the backside a bit to raise the intensity level!

3. Bock 3 — the lunge/squat sequence (as mentioned in class, the floating skater is a progress to the single leg suspension squat…)

Oh those stretches at the end felt good…

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