Group session – 2/25/14

We’ve got a full body session tonite using weighted balls and ropes — but in a way we’ve never used them before!!

Reminders .. we’re up in the dance studio at NSAA .. no shoes!   Have you thought about joining us? First class is FREE.

And don’t forget to schedule your studio session .. this week we’ll be on the suspension trainers for the warmup, workout  and cooldown! Click HERE.

We’ll go 4 minutes on each exercise — with changes on the minute as noted.

1.  Group circle facing outward .. assume a half squat position — we’ll side pass a weighted ball (actually several of them!!) around the circle, changing direction every minute for a total of 4 minutes.

2. Same as #1, except from a seated position – similar to the familiar Russian twist

3. Need a partner for this one … instead of swinging the rope, you’ll “reel in” your partner — partner provides resistance.  You’ll go 4 minutes straight, alternating between being the “reel-er” and “resistance”  This one down standing in a half squat position

4. Same as #3, except from a seated position.



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