Studio Session – 2/19-23

We’re doing some simple heavy bag movement this week to get folks into the mindset of fighter style training.  Here is the workout most will be doing…  Have you booked yours yet?  Click HERE!

90 second rounds, total of 6 rounds split between two exercises. 1 minute rest between rounds.

1.  Low Squat with Alternating Cross — 10 crosses + 1- jumping jacks – this one against a low hanging 100 lb bag

2.  Alternating Side Kick – this one on a bit higher hung 40 pound bag and we shoot to keep up with the swing of the bag.

Alternate between the two stations, 3 times each.

Finisher– 5 rounds:

5x Kettlbell trio — clean/squat/press and 5x Bird Dogs from the high bear crawl position  — do a total of 5 rounds.

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