Fitness Ropes Plus — 2/11/14

Here is tonite’s total body blast … ropes for the upper body, off ropes for lower body .. we’ll finish with a few round of planks in case anyone things we’re neglecting the core…   New and thinking about joining us?  Click HERE

Note — there will NOT be class on Valentine’s Day .. which also happens to be a wedding anniversary here!!

30 seconds per exercise, 4 on the ropes, 4 off the ropes.  1 minute rest/transition between ropes/bodyweight circuit.  3 rounds total.

On the ropes..

1. Uppercuts

2. Reverse Mean Santas

3. One Hand Side Wave – Kneeling – Left Face

4. One Hand Side Wave – Kneeling – Right Face


Off the ropes…

1.  1.5 Squats (down all the way, half way up, back down, then full up)

2. Alternating Reverse Lunge (jump instead of step to amp it up…)

3. 1/4 Turn Squat Jumps

4.  Squat Hold

We’ll finish with 4 rounds of 30 second plank hold, 15 seconds between rounds.


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