Fitness Rope Plus — 1/24/14

A couple weeks back, we did a simple but challenging workout we called “20 in 20” — 20 different exercises on the ropes for 30 seconds each, with an additional 30 seconds of “something else” … tonite, we’re coming back to a similar concept, but amping it up!!

15 exercises, 18 minutes … 45 seconds per exercise, 15 second transition between ropes and body weight challenge….and then something special to finish it off!

Start either on rope or off rope, alternate between the two .. here are the combos…

Alternating Wave /  Seal Jacks

Mean Santas /  Squat + Alternating Front Kick

Low Speed Wave /  Alternating Reverse Lunge

Hi-Lo Claps  /  Quarter Turn Squat Jacks

Circles  /  Bird Dog

Rope Jacks /  Dead Bug

Up and Backs  /  Cross Body Mountain Climber

….. but wait, that’s only 14!!

#15 is a group finisher  — 8 rounds of body weight squats — 20 sec squats/10 second hold in bottom position….

If you are new and want to join us .. first one is free.. click HERE

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