Fitness Ropes – 1/16/14

We’ve got a combination animal movement and ropes session coming up tonite.  Format is a different twist than we’ve done before.  We’ll put 3 minutes on the clock and then you do a set number of reps on the exercise .. once you finish the assigned number of reps, you move to a rope and finish out the time (or go to failure .. note.. failure here is NOT a bad thing!!) during an alternating wave on the ropes.  Some may be familiar with Shawna Kaminski ( — she calls the format “RIST” and “FUW”.  You should check her out .. Shawna is about my age and in absolutely remarkable condition.  RIST is “Reps in Specified Time” and FUW is “Finish Up With”.  An interesting twist which will be a little bit different challenge for everyone!

Here are the 4 animal movements .. we’ve done most of these at some point in the past but we’ll toss in a new one tonite too!  Each exercise “lane” (think “cone to cone”) will be approx 30 feet.  We’ll take about a minute between movements to catch a quick water break and set up for the next movement.

1.  Duck Walk  + Side Shuttle back to start  X 6 rounds  (alternate the lead foot foot on the shuttle each round)

2.  Bear Crawl  forward and backward X 3 rounds

3.  Gorilla Walk + backward run back to start X 6 rounds

4.  Cricket Walk forward, Frog jump back to start X 3 rounds

Note that this is a last Thursday for a few month .. starting next week, we’ll move to Fridays at 5:30 and 6 pm.

If you’re not already with us, remember first session is a free preview … come check us out .. you can let me know you’ll be there by clicking HERE

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