Just 2 Minutes …. at a time, that is!

Here’s what is on tap for tonite’s group sessions!!  Remember, we will be in the gymnasium on Tuesdays for at least the next several weeks.

I call this “Just 2 minutes” … but there’s a bit of a catch.  It’s really 8 minutes, but you never have to go longer than 2 minutes at a time. The sequence is modeled off some MMA style conditioning training. We’re up, we’re down, we’re back, we’re forth … in the octagon, things can change in a hurry!

So, here’s the drill.  We’ll do 5 exercises, 4 reps each … round and round the loop we go with the five, always 4 reps each for 2 straight minutes.  Then we’ll rest a minute and repeat 3 more times.  After a few minutes of mobility warmup, we’ll move on to these:

1.  Hip Thrust (if you need to mod, do alternating single leg bridges…)

2. Prisoner Squat (amp this up by doing squat jumps instead .. nice soft landing though!)

3.  Push Up (amp it up by changing one hand position wider and alternate that…)

4.  Alternating Reverse Lunge (amp it up by adding a jump as you switch legs)

5.  Sprawls (want to amp it up .. do a full burpee instead…)

No ropes tonite … we’ll bring the bells for anyone who wants to add this as a finisher….

1-10/10-1 ladder of burpees and 2 hand kettlebell swings

The cooldown tonite will by a slightly modified sun salutation sequence.



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