Bounce back from the feast!

Despite your best intentions, perhaps you indulged just a tad more than you wanted to on Thanksgiving.  Don’t sweat it … and don’t try to sweat it all back out today!  As a first step, I think you should probably be most thankful that you were able to indulge … there’s an awful lot of folks out there that didn’t have it so good.  Second, know that one day is not going to derail you.  Just make sure you get off the couch and do something today.  That something doesn’t need to be a structured workout (though I have one of those for you below).  Maybe you need to split some wood for the stove.  Maybe you didn’t actually shovel your driveway yet.  Maybe you are (eeeek!) going shopping today so have a lot of walking and carrying ahead of you.  It doesn’t matter so much “what” your something happens to be.  What matters is that you put the wheels in motion to have a holiday season that you are not regretting after the turn of the new year.

I’ll be doing a combo heavy bag and suspension trainer circuit today and if you have access to that kind of stuff and want my notes, give me a shout.  For most who don’t take up space in their house with such toys, the workout below is for you!!

Do the following circuit 3 times after warming up just a bit .. I like to do the Sun Salutation sequence for both warmup and cooldown (click the link to download an image showing the steps if you need a refesher…) but do whatever you like to get the body temp up just a bit and the fluid moving in your joints.

25 Jumping Jacks

15 Prisoner Squats

Plank Hold for 30 seconds

15 Hip Bridges

Rest no more than 30 second between circuits.  This probably will only take about 10 minutes.  Nothing soul crushing .. just enough to keep you on track.  Sometime over the weekend (usually Sunday if we workout on Friday — when we’re simply maintaining mobility and fitness, I always recommend a full day of recovery), do this sequence again, but do 5 rounds and amp up the intensity.


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